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            Our Advantage

            Create the Future

            • H A Q
              H A Q
              Customer needs are our goal
              Continuous research and development to create customer satisfaction products and services

              To provide customers with professional hydraulic press equipment one-stop service, suitable for many industries.
            • D T D S
              D T D S
              Professional engineering solutions, free home customization
              High cost performance, good price, saving you money

              The system is easy to operate, stable in operation, long in fault free operation and high in automation of control system.
              High strength, good guiding performance, good structural rigidity, energy-saving design and good sealing performance.
            • A S S G
              A S S G
              To provide customers with professional hydraulic press equipment one-stop service
              1. Provide technical data such as electrical schematic diagram, list of consumable parts, operation and maintenance manual, and technical data of main purchased accessories.
              2. Train equipment operation and maintenance personnel to fully master the operation skills and general repair and maintenance skills of the equipment.
              3. Provide free after-sales service to the buyer within 1 year from the date of acceptance.


            Satisfying customers is our pursuit


            Enterprise development, hand in hand with you, I move forward together

            Mobile:86-13962768488 Telephone:86-0513-88283488

            Address:109 Tonghai Road, Nantong, Jiangsu, China
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